Proctoring Service

The Bloomfield Public Library provides test proctoring services at no charge to the student

or testing institution.


Student Expectations:

●       Application must be submitted 3 days prior to the test date.

●       Approval for proctoring is dependent upon staffing and room availability.

●       Students must present a photo ID at the time of testing to verify their identity.

●       Students are responsible for contacting school or professors to provide tests or exams.

●       Instructors or students responsible for all arrangements and preparation.

●       Students must use a personal laptop or electronic device to administer online tests.

●       Students are responsible for incidental costs (i.e., printing, postage, faxing).


Library Staff Expectations:

●       Staff involvement is limited to the following:

○       Check student’s ID

○       Admit student to exam area

○       Issue exam

○       Periodically observe student as time allows

○       Sign proctor form

●       Specific staff will not be assigned to proctor exams.  Staff changes periodically, so exams may be started and returned to different staff

●       Library staff is unable to provide one-on-one assistance or observation.  If proctoring requires constant supervision, BPL will not be able to proctor the exam.

●       Staff will not sign the name of another staff member on a proctoring form or exam.  The library will not proctor an exam that requires one designated person.

●       BPL reserves the right to refuse proctoring an exam that is deemed too restrictive or demanding

●       Staff reserves the right to refuse using personal or identifiable information to administer an exam.

●       Staff may return completed exams electronically or by mail if postage and envelope are supplied by the student.

●       Exams must be completed within operating hours.


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