Ask A Librarian

We may be reached at: 641-664-2209 and

If you have book suggestions please e-mail us, we can't guarantee we'll buy it but we will review requests.

We initiated curbside delivery of materials when Covid began, we are continuing this service indefinitely.  If a patron wishes to use this service, please call the number above to make your request of materials then call us when you're out front and we'll run it out to you.


Our Catalog of print items, DVDs, etc.

This is our catalog for the tangible items we have but not what Bridges has (e-books, e-audio, e-magazines, & streaming videos).d  


If you have reference questions, please contact us via phone or e-mail or come in and we'll see what resources we can find for you.

L to R: Anne (director), Anita, Deb, Jen

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